A downloadable game for Windows

About the game:

Night Raider is a stealth game which is you play as an unknown identity thief attempts the heist. Your objective is stealing data. Try to avoid being detected from the guards and others in order to complete the objective at private properties and more. The guards and the team are going to hunt you....

How to play:

  • Press left and right arrow key to walk
  • Press up and down to go upstairs and downstairs through the door
  • Press space to jump
  • Press Z to shoot


Email: jack133199@gmail.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwD_cowDd9WteV9tJapW1zA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jack133199

About me:

I am passionate about illustration and game art. I study Game Art at Media Design School.


Night Raider.zip 34 MB

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